3D Laser Scanning

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Darling provides surveying and environmental permitting services to Federal, State and local governments, private landowners, utilities, municipalities, mining, and other industries worldwide.

Mine Surveyor Company
Underground Mine Mapping
Clash Detection
As Built Survey
As Built Conditions
Tank Settlement Survey
Airport Surveying
City Modeling & Urban Planning
Bridge Surveying and Safety Inspection
Precision 3D Topographical Mapping
Highly Accurate 3D Stockpile Volumes
Archaeology & Cultural Heritage
Crime / Accident Scene Documentation
Transportation Surveying
3D As-Built Documentation

NAIC codes:  541340 - Drafting Services, 541370 - Surveying and Mapping (except Geophysical) Services, 541620 - Environmental Consulting Services, 562910 - Remediation Services   

  The Value of 3D Laser Scanning

Welcome to Darling Geomatics!

3D Laser Scanning (or High Definition Surveying) is the ultimate measurement tool, and with it we save our clients time and money.  Generally, the amount of money saved is 3 to 10 times the cost of the service.  In most cases, our client's day to day operations are not affected in any way - eliminating costly downtime.  We operate our equipment at safe distances from dangerous or inaccessible areas.

3D Scanning

We specialize in providing accurate 3D Laser (LiDAR) scans and delivering 3D models to engineers, architects and facilities managers.  We provide services to an incredibly diverse range of industries.  We have been using laser scanning technology to help our clients avoid project delays and cost overruns since 2002.

3D Scanning

We continue to upgrade our advanced 3D scanning technology, software and training to provide our clients with the highest level of precision in the shortest amount of time.
Contact us for a no obligation multimedia demonstration of our 3D High Definition Surveying services, or to simply answer any questions that you might have.

3D Scanning

We are a woman-owned multi-disciplined consulting firm specializing in 3D Laser Scanning / High Definition Surveying for a vastly diverse client base worldwide.  We are a certified DBE, SBE and WBE firm.