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3D Scanning at ASU Stadium


Construction engineers saw the value of 3D scanning in Phoenix when updates to a local football stadium became a priority. The renovations at ASU’s Sun Devil Stadium (Frank Kush Field) is a major project with a lot of moving parts. The stadium was constructed in 1958 and in 2007, engineers realized the structural steel was rusting and in need of restoration and repair. Darling Geomatics professionals were brought in to scan the west bleachers and north end zone. The data was processed and modeled, including the structural steel and concrete support columns. This helped engineers and contractors as they renovated the existing structure. Upgrades to the stadium included more legroom, improved restrooms, and a reconfigured upper deck to allow more suites.

The Ultimate Measurement Tool

3D Laser Scanning (or High Definition Surveying) is the ultimate measurement tool, and with it we save our clients time and money. Generally, the amount of money saved is 3 to 10 times the cost of the service. In most cases, our client's day to day operations are not affected in any way - eliminating costly downtime. We operate our equipment at safe distances from dangerous or inaccessible areas.

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What can you achieve with 3D Scanning?

We provide True Color 3D Digital As Builts that are accurate to within .6cm. Engineers, architects and facilities managers love our service because we empower them to survey anything right from their desktops. We have been provideing 3D scanning services in Phoenix to an incredibly diverse range of industries, from construciton to power and utilities. Our clients avoid project delays and cost overruns thanks to this amazing measurement tool. Contact us for a no obligation multimedia demonstration of our 3D High Definition Surveying services, or to simply answer any questions that you might have.

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