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3D laser scanning and conventional airport surveying services provided by Darling Geomatics allow owners, engineers, construction project managers, and BIM specialists to gain rapid access to large amounts of highly accurate measurable data.  This rapid 3D laser scan data acquisition and easy to use free 3D laser scan viewing and measuring software (Leica TruView) reduce project costs and schedules.  For more advanced applications Darling delivers 3D laser scanning models in AutoCAD, Navisworks, Revit and other professional design software formats.  From terminal renovations to cracks and other irregularities on runway surfaces, Darling can measure and document existing conditions at airports, day or night, minimizing impacts to the flow of travelers or aircraft.

In an airport construction project, designers are able to detect clash problems with structural, mechanical, electrical, and plumbing systems.   Conflicts are resolved early in the design process, reducing rework costs during the actual construction.

What used to take weeks or months of surveying, engineering, and architectural drawing now takes days.

During a recent San Francisco International Airport reconstruction project, Darling Geomatics performed 3D laser scanning of over 180,000 square feet of Terminal 2.  Our method delivered a 3D model to the client that was 10 times more accurate than other methods that could have been used - and delivered in ¼ of the time.  In all, 60 days of design time was cut from the project.

Our company gives airport engineers the freedom to become their own virtual surveyor. Our service includes delivering the data to the engineer in virtually any software they choose, whether it be AutoCAD, Bentley, Point Cloud Data, 3D surface meshes, TruViews or any other mode; allowing them to measure anything from their desks and reduces the need for multiple surveys.

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