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Architectural 3D Surveying

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A  growing number of AEC firms are relying on 3D laser scanning for their evaluation, renovation and design workflows. These firms, both large and small, are utilizing scan-to-BIM processes in their projects.

Darling Geomatics has helped numerous firms with this process. Our 3D laser scanning expertise has been employed in many ways. The measurements can be converted into 2D and 3D CAD data (all current standards) incorporating plan views, elevations and sections. This enables the client to use the data directly in their own software environment.

Historical renovations and repairs are particularly suited for 3D laser scanning. Highly accurate true to scale as-built data is collected rapidly. Areas that are fragile benefit in that laser scanning is not intrusive. We can collect spatial data without touching the objects we scan and without endangering personnel or structures. Darling has scanned both historical buildings and archeological sites.

We deploy mid-range and close-range scanners, depending on the complexity of the object, to ensure a high-resolution 3D recording even when dealing with intricate facade sculptures or ornaments. We are able to guarantee an exact evaluation of the raw data, resulting in a high-resolution 3D model. Call us today to find out how we can reduce your design time and project costs with laser scanning!

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