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Are you adding on to current construction? Our clash detection services can save you both time and money. Imagine spending the time and money in designing state of the art upgrades to your current facility only to find out on construction day that costly changes need to made because plumbing, HVAC, and utility lines were not accounted for. Our 3D clash detection surveys create detailed maps of every part of your current structure, allowing designers to work around everything in the current structure when designing additions and improvements. BIM clash detection should be the first step in any remodeling or expansion project. Our clash detection report can save you time and money, and help get any project off to a great start.

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What is the Value of Clash Detection?

Darling's scans and models are the starting point for clash detection. In general, the savings realized by using 3D laser scanning for clash detection have been 3 to 10 times the cost of the 3D laser scanning service provided by Darling. Complex design and engineering changes to existing facilities are improved by BIM models. The time and money required to make on the fly design and constructing changes is greatly reduced if not eliminated- and that reduces overall costs so much so that the US federal government General Services Administration (GSA) requires BIM clash detection on all government construction projects. Clash detection makes it easier to deal with any future remodeling, expansions, and structural integrity analyses with a BIM model already in place.

3D Model - Power Generation Plant

Darling Environmental & Surveying specializes in collecting accurate as-built 3D laser scanning data for BIM use.  Darling constructs standard CAD solid models from their 3D laser scan data that can be exported into Revit, Navisworks and many other CAD drafting formats.  This as-built data is the basis for the BIM process on existing facilities or newly constructed facilities. 

The completed solid model provides architectural, structural, electrical, plumbing, HVAC and other 3D as-built information for BIM models.  Meta data of any form can be attached to the 3D objects, such as specific valve size, manufacturer, part number or any other information available for that object.

Model and Point Cloud - Phoenix Mayo Clinic Hospital

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