Environmental Consulting

Darling Geomatics provides environmental permitting services to city, county, state and federal governments, private landowners, utilities, municipalities, and the mining industry in the United States and Mexico.

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Professonal Environmental Services

Our wildlife and fisheries biologists, botanists, planners, ecologists, naturalists, and other key employees work with all aspects of environmental consulting from on-the-ground surveys to complex environmental analysis document writing and acquisition of environmental permits from various federal, state, and local agencies.

We have extensive experience with Environmental Assessments, Environmental Impact Statements, Threatened and Endangered Species, Habitat Conservation Plans, Incidental Take Permits, Section 7 Consultations, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers 404 permits, U.S. Forest Service and BLM permitting, and more.

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Surveying Services

It doesn't matter what kind of job you're working on, we've probably successfully completed dozens of similar projects.
Here is a list of our most popular surveying services:

  • Surveys for threatened and endangered species according to U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, U.S. Forest Service, and BLM protocols
  • Prepare NEPA documents (EAs, EISs, Categorical Exclusions) for utility corridors, mining projects, landfills, and a variety of the other land use activities
  • Inventory, assess, and map habitat for species of interest including use of drones for aerial data collection
  • Prepare biological assessments and evaluations
  • Delineate waters of the United States that fall under the jurisdiction of the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers for Section 404 permitting
  • Prepare U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Section 404 permit applications
  • Prepare extraordinarily detailed maps utilizing professional grade sub-centimeter Trimble GPS, 3D scanning and/or drones and AutoCAD drawings/ESRI shape files
  • Prepare 3D scanning images with 6 millimeter accuracy
  • Prepare Mitigation Reports
  • Conduct noxious weed and invasive species surveys
  • Inventory native plants and prepare Native Plant Preservation Plans
  • Prepare and/or review environmental reports and procedures
  • Perform legal research of environmental requirements
  • Prepare Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plans

Darling provides surveying and environmental permitting services to Federal, State and local governments, private landowners, utilities, municipalities, mining, and other industries worldwide.

NAIC codes: 541340 - Drafting Services, 541370 - Surveying and Mapping (except Geophysical) Services, 541620 - Environmental Consulting Services, 541922 – Commercial Aerial Photography

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When we scan your project we capture everything one time. We convert the data into any deliverable you want so you can import it to the tool of your choice. No need to send out a crew to re-measure. You can survey the everything from your desktop.


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If accuracy is important, Darling Geomatics is the right call to make. Our scans are accurate to within 6mm.

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Darling Geomatics understands the budget constraints that businesses face today. We use many surveying techniques that are faster and less expensive than traditional methods.

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Your people are your most precious resource. Our scanning processes don’t interrupt your workflow and don’t put people at risk.

Accurate Reconstructions

When working within existing structures, a hyper-accurate as-built scan can prove vital to staying within budget and time constraints.

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Not only do we survey within budget and time constraints we provide you with the deliverables you need to complete your work.

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