3D Laser Scanning - Healthcare Industry

Healthcare 3D Scanning

3D laser scanning has many beneficial applications for your healthcare facility.  Whether you're retrofitting, modernizing or expanding, we save you both time and money.  Using our advanced 3D laser scanning equipment in existing facilities, we acquire preliminary as-built conditions in high definition.

When your hospital needs improvements - expansions, remodels, retrofits and maintenance - utilize Darling's 3D laser scanning services to collect an accurate model of your entire building or just a specific area.  Get accurate maps of all your plumbing, HVAC, piping and specialized equipment without disrupting the urgent daily activities usually associated with medical facilities.  Perfect and complete 3D models will shorten both design time and construction costs.  Fewer RFI's and project delays add up to a substantial savings.

In fact, the money you save from our service is generally 3 to 10 times the cost of our service.  And once you have our data, it can be used for future projects as well.

Clash detection allows for two or more previously designed systems to be tested confirming they don’t occupy the same three dimensional space.  This allows the project manager to distribute subcontractors a map referencing where specific utilities are to be installed so trades aren’t conflicting.  Planning coupled with high definition 3D scanning and modeling helps to prevent unforeseen errors which help in reducing safety concerns in complicated construction scenarios; as well as cost overruns associated with RFI's and project delays.

3D imagery is acquired in great detail allowing for most features to be easily identified.  Virtually any and all devices that have been incorporated into the facility can be captured, stored, and modeled to create a portfolio of information.  Planning a project with this portfolio allows for an individual to isolate an area or areas that need to be worked on or expanded.  New construction and equipment can then match existing conditions, saving time and money.

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