Land Surveying

Darling provides surveying and environmental permitting services to Federal, State and local governments, private landowners,
utilities, municipalities, mining, and other industries worldwide.

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How to Replace 2D Blueprints with 3D As-Builts

  • 3D laser scanning is fast,  highly accurate, and reduces field time compared to traditional surveying.

We Scan Your Project

We come to you and scan your job site. Millions of data points capture every detail from buildings, equipment and signs to foliage, gutters and curbs. There's no interruption in your workflow or day-to-day operations.

We Do the Work

Our engineers convert the captured data into the deliverables of your choice, from point clouds and TruView images to 3D Revit Models and 2D AutoCAD . Everything is accurate to within .6 cm and to your exact specifications.

You Get Deliverables

You receive models that show the true conditions of the space and can be measured from any point. Survey everything right from your desktop.

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Professional Property Surveyor.

Our land surveying division is led by Richard D. Darling, RLS, who has over 40 years of diversified surveying experience. Donald Proud, RLS, assists Mr. Darling in running 4 survey crews. Darling and Proud have completed ALTAs; property title searches; written legal descriptions; performed boundary surveys for subdivisions, patented mineral claims, and section subdivisions (GLO Retracements); and completed Cadastral Surveys for the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers and U.S. Forest Service.

Darling has extensive experience in the integration of professional land surveying with the following: 3D Laser Scanning and Modeling, Aerial Control Surveys, Mineral Claim Staking, Utility Easement Preparation and Acquisition, Flood Plain Studies, Topographic Mapping, and Construction Surveys. A list of Surveying Services offered is presented below:

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Surveying Services

It doesn't matter what kind of job you're working on, we've probably successfully completed dozens of similar projects.
Here is a list of our most popular surveying services:

3D Laser Scanning Integrated with Land Surveying for Accurate Geospatial Data
American Land Title Association (ALTA) Surveys
Utility Easement Preparation and Acquisition
Easement and Right-of-Way Investigation - Boundary Surveys
Transmission Line Route Surveys
Topographic Surveys
Aerial Control Surveys
Spatial (3D Scanning) Control Surveys
Road Right-of-Way Surveys
Construction Layout Surveys & Monitoring Services
Mining Claims Surveys, Aboveground and Underground Mine Surveys
Data Collection for Geographic Information Systems
Cadastral Surveys
Tentative and Final Plat Preparation and Submittal
Flood Insurance Certifications
Acreage Subdividing Surveys and Mapping
Real Property Reports
Development Plans
Site Grading Certifications
Land Surveying

We combine the environmental and surveying sciences to offer GIS data collection such as flood plain delineation, wildlife population and habitat mapping, native plant inventory mapping, utilities and other pertinent GIS features. We provide precise mapping using state-of-the-art Trimble real-time GLONASS GPS equipment, which provides sub-centimeter accuracy and is a rapid vehicle for data collection. Using these tools and the expertise of a combined experience of over 80 years, Darling Geomatics can provide an AutoCAD overlay for incorporation into your current GIS database.

G.P.S. / S.I.S.
Darling Geomatics is proud to be a leader in providing state-of-the art Spatial Imagery System (SIS) using the integration of 3D scanning and Trimble GPS surveying systems. The SIS system is capable of providing sub-millimeter accuracy and can be used for virtually all applications. We have been very successful in providing surveying services to municipalities, mining, engineering and construction companies. We will continue to upgrade our equipment to assure our clients that they are receiving the highest level of precision.

With a full service land surveying department, Darling has the ability to collect various types of data that pertain to GIS. We are able compile any terrestrial, and many subterranean features using GPS, 3D scanning, drones or using traditional surveying techniques. Point, line, and polygon data is easily acquired and rendered in AutoCAD. The data is then exported as a .SHP file so that it can be used with ESRI software

Darling provides surveying and environmental permitting services to Federal, State and local governments, private landowners, utilities, municipalities, mining, and other industries worldwide.

NAIC codes: 541340 - Drafting Services, 541370 - Surveying and Mapping (except Geophysical) Services, 541620 - Environmental Consulting Services, 541922 Commercial Photography


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Survey from Your Desktop

When we survey your project with professional expertise we convert the data into any deliverable you want so you can import it to the tool of your choice. No need to send out a crew to re-measure. You can survey the everything from your desktop.


Precise Data

If accuracy is important, Darling Geomatics is the right call to make. Our scans are accurate to within 6mm.

Fast Turnaround

Time is money. Our turnaround times from contract to deliverables will keep your project running smoothly and efficiently.

Budget Friendly

Darling Geomatics understands the budget constraints that businesses face today. We use many surveying techniques that are faster and less expensive than traditional methods.

Safety Conscious

Your people are your most precious resource. We can use techniques that don’t interrupt your workflow and don’t put people at risk.

Reliable Service

We have been offering surveying services for over 40 years. There isn't a project type we haven't seen and helped make better.

Deliverables You Want

Not only do we survey within budget and time constraints we provide you with the deliverables you need to complete your work.

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