3D Laser Scanning - Mine Surveying

Mine Surveying and 3D Scanning

Mining companies today typically face a significant number of hurdles in starting up or expanding mining operations.

Mines must apply for and comply with an entire suite of environmental permits, adjust to changing regulations, and ever more frequently sustain objections to the project from the public.

In addition to our mine surveying service, our company also assists clients with state and local land use, permitting and mining regulatory issues, including wetlands issues, wildlife and wildlife habitat issues, water resource and environmental permitting, and statutory, regulatory, and local government regulation issues.

Through our 3D surveying technology we empower mine engineers to become virtual surveyors from their own desks. We visit a mine and laser survey everything one time. That data is then delivered to the engineer in whatever way they choose, whether it be AutoCAD, 3D surface meshes, or any other mode. We offer customized service to fit the client's needs.

Our 3D mine surveys are accurate to within millimeters. Our surveying data helps increase safety because we can survey from great distances away, eliminating the need to place people and equipment in dangerous situation such as a mine subsidence or slope failure.

Darling Geomatics offers mine surveying services that save money and time. Call us today at (520) 298-2725 to speak to one of our company mine surveying specialists.

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