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Transportation Survey

transportation survey

An accurate transportation survey is one of the fundamental elements in the foundation of constructing safe, long lasting, and high quality roads, streets, bridges, and highways. Our highly trained and experienced transportation surveyors use state of the art 3D scanning equipment to provide contractors with extremely detailed transportation maps that enable savings of time and money in all phases of transportation construction from new construction to repairs, to expansions.

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By providing government agencies and their contractors with highly detailed 3d transportation surveys, Darling Geomatics plays a vital role in eliminating budget overruns caused by errors and subsequent correction of errors.

3D laser scanning and aerial photogrammetry with the use of UAVs are fast and safe ways to capture information for current and future transportation construction projects.


We create industry standard maps from the point clouds. The level of detail and accuracy far exceeds the capabilities of traditional survey methods, and the money saved from utilizing this information exceeds the cost of our services.

We specialize in pre-construction and construction as-built documentation in 3D, including 3D laser scanning and aerial photogrammetry data collection, post processing and building information modeling (BIM) for construction.  This is the fastest, easiest and least expensive way to get an accurate "as-built" model.


Performing 3D laser scanning or aerial photogrammetry to gather measurements of a roadway provides engineers with more information about the existing conditions.  Our data mining capabilities allow us to extract relevant data from the point cloud.  This reduces site visits and total project cost.


Civil engineers that utilize our 3D laser scanning services receive Leica TruViews of every scan, allowing them to virtually visit the site and take measurements from their desktop.

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transportation survey

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