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Leverage 3D Scanning for Mining

Our experience as a 3D mine surveyor includeds underground mine mapping. Our 3D scanning surveys empower your engineers to become virtual surveyors from their own desks. We visit a mine and laser survey everything one time. The results are measurments your engineering team can access as AutoCAD, 3D surface meshes, or any other mode literally any time they want. We offer customized service to fit your mining operation's needs.

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Our 3D laser surveys are accurate to within millimeters, and our data helps increase safety because we can survey from great distances away, eliminating the need to place people and equipment in dangerous situations such as a mine subsidence or slope failure.

Darling Geomatics has surveyed dozens of mines including underground, open pit, and even abandonned mines.

Underground Mine Mapping

We understand that your team needs accurate data to ensure safety and profitability. We invite you to contact usfor a no obligation consultation to learn all of the benefits that 3D underground mine scanning can provide your company. Call us today at (520) 298-2725 to speak to one of our company mine surveying specialists.

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