Using Drones Can Save Money and Increase Accuracy

Our FAA trained pilots and aircraft can start making your project safer and more affordable from day one.

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How to Replace 2D Blueprints with 3D As-Builts

    Drone surveying is fast,  highly accurate, and reduces field time compared to traditional surveying.

We Fly Your Project

We come to you and fly your job site. Millions of data points capture every detail from topography, buildings, infrastructure, equipment and signs to foliage. There's no interruption in your workflow or day-to-day operations.

We Do the Work

Our geospatial experts convert the aerial data into the deliverables of your choice, from point clouds and orthorectified aerial images to 3D Models and 2D AutoCAD . Pixels are accurate to within inches and to your exact specifications.

You Get Deliverables

You receive deliverables that show the true conditions of the space and can be measured from any point. Survey everything right from your desktop.

How much money and time can Drones save you?
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Drone flight demonstration
Drone with thermal image capability

What can you achieve with drone surveying?

There are a number of reasons why land surveyors are turning to drone technology for their surveying needs. First and foremost, drones can vastly reduce the time spent collecting accurate data over large distances. Drones allow you to gather millions of data points in one brief flight.

Survey-grade drones can save even more time. Our drones are capable of receiving X, Y, Z data accurate to within 3 cm (1.2 in). By speeding up and simplifying the data collection process, the time that used to be spent on data and information gathering can be better spent on analyzing more comprehensive data and on strategic planning.

By using drones, Darling Geomatics turns a job that would otherwise take weeks or months to complete into a one that is finished in just a few days. Another benefit is the decreased exposure of staff to dangerous environments. An aerial drone survey means less time spent on the ground and data acquisition from safer distances away from danger, minimizing the risks to surveying teams collecting data at mines, industrial plants, landslides and along transportation routes.

  • Stay Under Budget.

  • Accurately Record Assets and Land.

  • Precise Data for Realistic Drawings

  • Survey from Your Desktop.

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The Industries Benefitting from Drone Surveying

We have worked with engineers in every industry achieve their goals. We make your project more accurate and less costly. How will you use the advantages of dones on your project?

3D Laser Scanning for Mining

We survey mines for volumes, subsidence, pit slope failures,  underground mapping, and 3D models of processing plants.
Learn about 3D Scanning for Mines

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3D Laser Scanning for Energy Facilities

We provide "as-is" 3D models of power generation plants, electrical substations, oil and gas pipelines, meter stations, transmission lines and more.
Learn about 3D Scanning for Energy Facilities

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UAV Photogrammetry and 3D Surveying

With our FAA approved unmanned aerial vehicles we can create 3D models of your property and assets at a fraction of the costs using helicopters or airplanes. 
Learn about our Drone Scanning Services

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As-Built Models with 3D Scanning

Darling uses 3D Laser Scanning to create accurate "as-is" 3D models for Buildings.
Learn about 3D Scanning to create Building Models

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3D Scanning for Civil Engineering

Learn how Darling efficiently created 3D as-is models of Bridges, Roadways, Drainages, and other Civil structures.
Learn about 3D Scanning for Civil Engineering 

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3D and Facilities Management

Learn how Darling efficiently created 3D as-is models for space planning, construction, renovation projects and much more.
Learn about 3D Scanning for Facilities Management 

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Survey from Your Desktop

When we scan your project we capture everything one time. We convert the data into any deliverable you want so you can import it to the tool of your choice. No need to send out a crew to re-measure. You can survey the everything from your desktop.


Precise Data

If accuracy is important, Darling Geomatics is the right call to make. Our scans are accurate to within 6mm.

Fast Turnaround

Time is money. Our turnaround times from scan to deliverables will keep your project running smoothly and efficiently.

Budget Friendly

Darling Geomatics understands the budget constraints that businesses face today. We use many surveying techniques that are faster and less expensive than traditional methods.

Safety Conscious

Your people are your most precious resource. Our scanning processes don’t interrupt your workflow and don’t put people at risk.

Accurate Reconstructions

When working within existing structures, a hyper-accurate as-built scan can prove vital to staying within budget and time constraints.

Deliverables You Want

Not only do we survey within budget and time constraints we provide you with the deliverables you need to complete your work.

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