3D Laser Scanning

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Marketing and 3D animation

Darling Geomatics's strategic partnership with Netherlands based MannCG opens new possibilities of data visualisation for marketing and communication.

If you are looking for great ideas on how to showcase and clearly explain a project, MannCG have the experience and proven track record to help with all aspects of on and offline marketing and communications activities. Whether you are thinking about new presentation materials, 3D animations, intercative presentations, panoramic 360 degree videos or augmented reality, they have all the talent and ability to make it happen and help you reach your communication goals.

Our partnership allows to combine such technical processes as 3D laser scanning and solid model conversion with visualisation of scanned data for marketing and presentation purposes. We combine creative and technical processes to provide tangible solutions for all phases of the project. Our goal is to develop successful, happy and long lasting business partnerships with all of our customers and making every piece of communication count.

3D Scanning

Using 3D laser scanners, we collect as-built data, which is the basis for accurate detailed 3D models, generated from real-world objects. As a next step solid models can be realistically textured, set into digital citu and animated or transformed into interactive model. The models are then used for digital mock-up, communications and marketing. Check out the links or watch the video to see how your data can be transformed into a marketing solution!

3D Scanning

We are a woman-owned multi-disciplined consulting firm specializing in 3D Laser Scanning / High Definition Surveying for a vastly diverse client base worldwide. We are a certified DBE, SBE, SBA 8 (m) and WBE firm.