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UAV Mapping for Agriculture

UAVs make it easier than ever to monitor crops and fields from the sky. With a drone we can capture incredibly accurate images hundreds of hectares/acres in a single flight at a resolution that far surpasses that of satellite imagery, even with cloud cover.
UAV Photogrammetry SurveyingWe are FAA approved to Fly Unmanned Aircraft
in all 50 States within the USA

We can then use image processing software to transform the shots into one large 'orthomosaic' image. This will allow you to apply algorithms including Normalized Difference Vegetation Index (NDVI) to the image and you create a reflectance map of your crop, giving you the ability to boost yields, cut costs, and drive your business forwards.

UAV Photogrammetry for Agriculture

What can you achieve with UAV Photogrammetry

There are a number of reasons why land surveyors are turing to drone technology for their photogrammetry needs. It begins with how UAVs can vastly reduce the time spent collecting accurate data over large distances. By acquiring raster data from the sky drones allow you to gather millions of data points in one brief flight.

Even more time can be saved by using a survey-grade drone. Our equipment are capable of receiving X, Y, Z data accurate to within 3 cm (1.2 in). By making data collection this simple, it frees you up to focus on analysing and strategic planning instead of wasting time and energy on out how to gather the data you need.

What we do for you is take a job that could have taken weeks to complete into a task that is finished in just a few days. Less time spent on the ground means staff safety is improved, minimising the risks to surveying teams when measuring sites such as mines, unstable slopes and transport routes.

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