Smart Engineering: Digital Twins Before Upgrades

3D models of as-builts help power industry engineers modify and upgrade assets. Our 3D scanning services are safe, fast and accurate to produce digital twins of power plants, substations and other assets before upgrading, and to provide construction verification to spot check work as it progresses.

Power companies trust Darling Geomatics. We’ve scanned more than eight power plants, 12 substations and surveyed thousands of miles of transmission lines.

  • No downtime - We measure without touching anything to avoid costly downtime and interrupted electrical service to customers.
  • Safe - Our crews stay safe distances from dangerous high voltage or other hazardous areas.
  • Fast - Depending on facility size, field work can take as little as a few hours, saving time and money. Large-scale projects can be monitored monthly in a matter of hours.
  • Accurate - Each data point contains x, y, z coordinates.
  • Expertise - Our team of 3D scanning and modeling experts and registered surveyors has the experience to deliver engineering-quality results.
  • Flexible data formats - Our utility clients receive a 3D model of the asset to incorporate into their 3D design software. A wide variety of formats are available including AutoCAD, flythroughs and jpgs.

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