Hospitals and other health care facilities need rapid upgrades, minimum disruption of services and noninvasive survey methods that allow for work as usual while measurements are gathered. Darling Geomatics has the expertise to meet your needs.

Traditional methods of measuring healthcare facilities took weeks with several survey crew members, several site visits, and substantial safety risks.

Darling Geomatics integrates high tech tools including 3D scanning to continually improve the way they survey healthcare facilities. The technology increases safety as well as reducing the time and cost of our services.

Darling’s 3D scan data provides information that otherwise might be missed. Electrical, mechanical and plumbing engineers as well as civil and structural engineers use this data to avoid clashes when designing around pre-existing assets.

Darling documented as built conditions at the Mayo Clinic in Scottsdale, Tucson Medical Center, Banner UMC Hospital, Blue Ridge Naval Hospital and several VA hospitals to provide engineers with necessary measurements of MEP, structural steel and other data. With our 3D scanning equipment, it's less difficult (and less expensive) than you think.

Darling scans new construction as well, to show accurate as-built conditions and compare those to the design; quickly displaying areas within and out of tolerance.

Seen enough? Let's get started.

Increase your accuracy. Increase safety. Save money. 3D is a game changer.