Arizona LiDAR Trailblazers

Arizona LiDAR experts at Darling Geomatics use state-of-the-art tools to produce the most accurate modelling available. Their 3D scanning services in Arizona include as-builts in Phoenix, digital twins in Tucson, and mine surveys throughout the state.

Darling Geomatics have been serving a diverse blend of clients for more than two decades, including engineering and construction companies, home builders, universities, manufacturers, defense, aerospace, mining and medical industries.  We use cutting edge technologies for collecting the data necessary for a host of mapping and modeling applications:

  • Drone surveying
  • Building information modeling (BIM)
  • 3D as-builts/digital twins
  • Topographical maps
  • Conventional land surveying
  • Aerial mapping
  • Construction staking
  • Underground tunnel inspection
  • 3D Construction verification

Our services offer solutions for almost any engineering challenge.  Find out why companies around the globe rely on Darling Geomatics to produce the maps and models needed for all types of projects.

Cutting Edge 3D Scanning in Arizona

Darling Geomatics serves clients worldwide, but our heart remains in Arizona. Active in the community, we participate in local events, encourage STEM education, and conduct demonstrations of our technology.  Our pride in Arizona shows in everything we do, and we provide the best in surveying and laser scanning for our core customers in Tucson, Phoenix, and the rest of Arizona.

Using the most up to date technologies, we excel at collecting data and producing 2D and 3D maps and models for a variety of clients.

  • For the University of Arizona, we have completed projects as diverse as mapping Biosphere 2, the world’s largest controlled environment for studying climate change, and scanning the Historic Old Main Building and Bear Down Gym for a restoration project.
  • In 2003, we tackled our first laser scanning project, creating 3D topographical models to help engineer the dramatic tunnel entrance to Moonlight Canyon at Saguaro Ranch.
  • We created as-built 3D digital twins of structures at the Phoenix and Tucson airports.
  • When Pima County Department of Public Works wanted to make sure historic houses in Tucson’s Barrio District were not damaged during the heavy construction associated with laying new sewer lines, they relied on Darling Geomatics for forensic level change detection scans of the affected buildings.
  • Drilling into the walls and domes of historic San Xavier Mission was not an option when the architectural restoration team needed to determine structural soundness. Darling Geomatic provided the perfect non-invasive solution: a digital replica.   The 3D data collected inside and outside the dome provided a way to measure the thickness of the dome from a distance.  Project Video.
  • NASA needed highly detailed 3D data for the popular Meteor Crater near Winslow in order to program robotic machinery, Darling Geomatics stepped in with terrestrial LiDAR to collect the necessary data.
  • When a defense research firm needed to know the depth, latitude and longitude of underground tunnels, Darling Geomatics carried survey control underground and provided the 3D on more than a mile of tunnels.

When your project demands reliable precision, Darling Geomatics delivers in any format required.  As a forward-looking company, we take immense pride in the many high tech services we offer our Arizona clients.

Arizona Community Investment

We believe that investing in the community is tantamount to investing in the future.  By educating high school students about career opportunities in our high tech fields, assisting in the development of a program to train drone pilots, encouraging entrepreneurship, participating in seminars, giving demonstrations of the technology we employ, and supporting fundraising efforts, Darling Geomatics hopes to strengthen our local community.

A sampling of our community involvement includes:

Darling Geomatics Proud Member of

Strong Arizona Affiliations

In addition, Darling Geomatics is proud to be affiliated with:

  • Arizona Regional Economic Development Foundation/Aerospace Arizona
  • Arizona Technology Council
  • Arizona State Land GIS and UAS Working Groups
  • Women’s Business Enterprise National Council
  • Arizona Professional Land Surveyors
  • JTED Business and Industry Council
  • University of Arizona Hyperspectral Consortium

Darling Geomatics makes it a priority not only to be visible in our community but to be active in it, working hard to improve it.

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