Construction Verification

Would you like construction verification on 100% of your work in the time it takes you to check 5%? The construction inspection services offered by Darling Geomatics can do that for you. Our specialized 3D scanning workflow can help you keep your construction project moving forward on budget and on time.

Mitigate Risk with 3D Clash Detection

Digital construction verification helps ensure that work progresses efficiently and as designed in a way that traditional spot checking can never accomplish. Using 3D scanning and advanced software, fast clash detection and construction verification allow you to save time and money by pinpointing problems early. Darling Geomatics’ state-of-the-art technology allows us to verify 100% of your construction in the time it takes you to check 5%.  3D verification streamlines workflow by enabling virtual collaboration between all of your team members.  It allows you to accurately verify the work of subcontractors or to identify variances to the as-designed plan in near real-time so that you can react quickly to potential delays or reworks that can drive up costs. Partner with us to mitigate risk with our new 3D Construction Verification service.

New Standard in Best Practices

Advances in 3D scanning technologies and data analysis software have set a new standard in intelligence for facility owners, architects, engineers and contractors. We can now show you in 3D exactly where and how much your building varies from design.

3d scan for construction verification

See It for Yourself

Above is an example of 3D construction verification inside a 1.25 million square foot manufacturing plant in the southeastern USA.

  • Green objects are within tolerance.
  • Yellow objects are out of tolerance.
  • Blue objects are comparisons being processed at the moment this image was captured.

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Increase your accuracy. Increase safety. Save money. 3D is a game changer.