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Mineral Sensing Technology Live Demo Day

Join Darling Geomatics, Norsk Electro Optikk (NEO), University of Arizona Mining & Geological Engineering, and Excelsior Mining – Johnson Mine for a live demonstration of state-of-the art technology in hyperspectral imaging, UAVs, and processing used for enhanced, cost-effective mineral detection, identification, and mapping.

The live field demo of data collection is in the morning followed by presentations and a panel discussion of data collection, processing, analysis, results, and mineral mapping in the afternoon. A brown bag lunch will be provided.

You can sign up for the morning session, afternoon session, or both. There is no cost to attend.

LiDAR Explained

After much waiting, LiDAR’s day has finally come, and we have an array of software platforms powerful enough to handle the huge amounts of data generated by LiDAR scans.

How Are Drones Used in Surveying?

Drones collect raw data, giving drone surveyors the opportunity to work with an unimaginable volume of images and measurements that can then be downloaded and used.

Land Surveying Mistakes Can be Dangerous

Land surveying mistakes cause problems that reverberate for years to come, costing time, money, and peace of mind.

Darling Geomatics Partners with Pima JTED to Train Drone Operators

Darling Geomatics is proud to partner with Pima JTED and its Drone Program to respond to increased industry demand for drone operators. Watch the video!

Darling Geomatics Soars into Summer 2021

While others wilted from the summer heat, Darling Geomatics roared into summer 2021, and the news is all sunny.  First, the acquisition of a new high tech vertical take-off and landing (VTOL) fixed-wing drone has pilots and customers buzzing.  Because this type of drone can go straight up and down like a helicopter, it does…

Experts in Drone Safety

When it comes to operating drones safely, rely on the experts at Darling Geomatics! KGUN9 News in Southern Arizona interviews our CEO Mary Darling about drone safety. Pilots conduct a preflight check and so should engineers, developers, planners, construction and facilities managers before contracting for drone surveying…

Darling Geomatics Sponsors Southern Arizona Society of American Military Engineers Annual Scholarship Fundraiser

Darling Geomatics is a sponsor of the Southern Arizona SAME Annual Scholarship Fundraiser golf tournament on May 14, 2021.

Mary Darling to Present at Arizona’s SheTech Explorer Day

Mary Darling, CEO of Darling Geomatics, will be presenting a demonstration of high tech digital data collection with drones and LiDAR to high school age girls that are interested in STEM curricula at SheTech Explorer Day Arizona on April 22, 2021. As a woman-owned business in a technical industry, we are proud to be working…

Darling Geomatics Wins Contract to Provide High Tech Forensic Assessments Using Drones and LiDAR

We have been selected by a national forensics company to provide our drone survey and LiDAR scanning expertise to produce digital maps and models used in exhibits for the accident and criminal investigations throughout the southwest US for five years. “The 3D point cloud data and true color imagery we produce will be used in computer modeling…

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