Tank Settlement Surveys

Darling Geomatics surveyors have specialized expertise including industrial tank settlement surveying and monitoring.

The Value of 3D Scanning

Large storage tanks at oil & gas refineries, airports, mines, farms and elsewhere need monitoring for deformation, settlement and other irregularities. Industrial companies today typically face a significant number of hurdles in obtaining the best data early enough to drain tanks when necessary for maintenance and repairs. 3D scanning rapidly allows data capture from a safe distance. The 3D data is compared to perfect cylinders to quickly provide measurable imagery of tanks that are out of tolerance and changes in the surrounding ground.

The Value of Tank Expertise

Through our specialized expertise in industrial surveying and 3D surveying technologies, we are well equipped to empower tank farm managers to become virtual surveyors from their own desks.

Trained surveyors visit tank farms and laser survey or aerially survey with drones to gather repeatable accurate geo-referenced survey data from a safe distance. That data is then delivered to the project manager in whatever format they choose, whether it be AutoCAD, 3D surface meshes, or other customized ways to fit the client's needs.

Our 3D surveys can be accurate to within millimeters. Our surveying data helps increase safety because we can survey from a distance, eliminating the need to place people and equipment in dangerous situations such as tank subsidence or potential tank failure sites.

Darling Geomatics offers specialized mine surveying services with state of the art technology that saves our customers money and time. Call us today at (520) 298-2725 to speak to one of our specialists.

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