Thermal Imaging

Gadabouts Hdqts Thermal Image (1)

Aerial radiometric imagery provides georeferenced data on every pixel of the thermal image.

Our aerial thermal imaging is used by engineers, utility operators, facilities managers and production managers in government and industry to detect thermal anomalies that affect energy consumption and operational performance of built environments. Aerial thermal imaging is also used for search and rescue, surveillance, water temperature monitoring and more.

  • Building energy audits
  • Solar farm inspections
  • Environmental analysis
  • Wildlife surveys

Accurate, actionable information

Our aerial radiometric imagery detects “invisible” leaks, areas prone to overheating before they cause equipment failures; hot and colds spots caused by thermal imbalances and a wide variety of other thermal anomalies.

Georeferenced data on every pixel of the thermal image pinpoints locations to prioritize repairs and maintenance and improve efficiency.

For environmental and wildlife surveys, aerial thermal imaging inspections are safer than other techniques and lowers the cost of services that would otherwise require manned aircraft.

Thermography by ITC-certified experts at Darling Geomatics

Our team of ITC-certified thermographers, licensed UAV pilots and registered land surveyors has the experience to deliver reliable results. We use FLIR-equipped drones and a Zenmuse XT 640×512 resolution radiometric infrared camera.

Deliverables in a wide variety of formats

We can deliver data in virtually any format you require:

  • FLIR reports
  • True color and thermal images
  • Point clouds
  • AutoCAD
  • JPGs
  • Flythroughs

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