Trusted Experts in Mine Surveying

Mine surveying requires safety expertise and a degree of precision that leaves little room for error. We have decades of experience in mine surveying and mineral land development with a 100% safety record. Mining companies, general managers, mine planners and mining engineers rely on us for:

  • Mining claims staking and recording
  • Boundary surveys
  • Topographic maps delivered in AutoCAD and other formats
  • Georectified orthomosaic images
  • Digital terrain maps (DTMs)/Digital elevation maps (DEMs)
  • Bare earth models in 3D
  • Roads and infrastructure mapping
  • Floodplain and drainage mapping
  • Land and mineral status research
  • Facility layouts, construction staking and site plans
  • Volumetric tracking

Safety First

Our ability to use high tech tools including drones and LiDAR to collect surveying data helps increase safety because we can survey from a distance, eliminating the need to place people and equipment in dangerous situations.

Mining Experience Combined with the Right Technology

Our team of professional, registered surveyors has decades of mining experience worldwide and selects the best tools to save you time and money by doing the job right the first time. We offer a one stop, multi-disciplined approach that integrates precision surveying techniques, 3D scanning and drone data collection.  Our extensive mine surveying experience delivers accurate georeferenced measurements for your projects. Based on your specific needs and requirements, our experts select the best technology for the project ranging from subcentimeter or submillimeter LiDAR, fixed wing and quadcopter UAVs, laser trackers and robotic total stations to conventional subcentimeter GPS survey instruments.

Subcentimeter or Submillimeter Survey-grade Accuracy

Survey-grade ground control and specialized measurement equipment allow us to deliver sub-centimeter and if necessary, submillimeter, accuracy.


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