Facilities Management

3D Laser Scanning (or High Definition Surveying) is the ultimate measurement tool, and with it we save our clients time and money.

Facilities managers and engineers need accurate information, measurements and models. Having this important information plays a critical role in:

  • Construction, renovation, and relocation projects
  • Facility and space acquisition
  • Space planning
  • Tenant improvements
  • Maintaining and repairing systems
  • Training guidelines for emergency procedures
  • Communicating needs to administrators
  • First Responder situational awareness
  • Security planning and implementation
  • Darling's 3D laser scanning services provide the most valuable tool you can have in managing your facility.
  • Save time and money with our services.

Are you managing multiple facilities over a large geographic area? Let us provide you with complete 3D CAD models derived from highly accurate 3D laser scanning data. You will have the ability to visit each site virtually from your desktop and stop spending cash traveling to each location. When you need to take measurements, make tenant improvements, or plan for department relocations, just pull up a TruView of the building on your computer.

Darling Geomatics provides accurate and comprehensive digital models of buildings for facilities managers. We do this by utilizing our 3D laser scanners and the latest CAD software.

One facilities manager we worked with needed to show his supervisors (located in a different city) what effects subsidence was having on his building. Utilizing 3D laser scanning and the 3D deliverables that come from it, he was able to clearly show the documented deformation problems in easy to use formats.

Where are all of your pumps, chillers, fans, control units, and boilers? When do they require maintenance? Do you have a list of these assets and their maintenance records? Let us help you map and inventory these assets and get your maintenance schedule working so that you are PRO-active instead of RE-active in maintaining your facility.

Someday you may wish to sell your building. You will get more money from prospective buyers if you have a current 3D model of your building and surrounding property. How much more would YOUR company pay for a building that has a current 3D model, updated inventory of assets, and maintenance records?

Seen enough? Let's get started.

Increase your accuracy. Increase safety. Save money. 3D is a game changer.