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Smart Engineering: Digital Twins Before Upgrades

3D models of as-builts help power industry engineers modify and upgrade assets. Our 3D scanning services are safe, fast and accurate to produce digital twins of power plants, substations and other assets before upgrading. Power companies trust Darling Geomatics. We’ve scanned more than eight power plants, 12 substations and surveyed thousands of miles of transmission…

Thermal Imaging UAVs for Solar Plant Inspections

Our aerial thermography for solar panel field evaluations provides data on efficiencies of power generation, panel service life, and return on the investment. Our FLIR-equipped UAVs with Zenmuse XT 640×512 resolution radiometric infrared camera lowers the cost of services that would otherwise require a helicopter.

Our Supplier Diversity Certifications

Federal and state governments set goals of awarding certain percentages of prime and subcontracting dollars to businesses to proactively develop and expand supplier diversity. Our certifications help our clients and teaming partners meet these supplier diversity requirements.

3D Structural Assessment of Plant Before Modifications

Do you know if your facility meets structural integrity standards before you invest in renovations or modifications? Safe, fast and accurate 3D as-built models can be used to detect structural deficiencies and design solutions to reduce risk and liability on the front end of a building modification project. Benefits of 3D structural assessments: Detect defects…

1.5 Million Square Feet and Billions of Data Points in Just Eight Days

Do you know how we scanned a 1.5 million square foot Mercedes-Benz facility for construction verification in just eight days? Advances in 3D scanning technologies and data analysis software have set a new standard in intelligence for facility owners, architects, engineers and contractors. Read this xyHt magazine article for details.

Making Airlines Safer Through Innovation

Whenever we have the privilege of working with a company that saves lives, we get excited. In the case of airline safety – we have had the opportunity to be part of a team that designs and installs baffling systems inside the fuel tanks of airlines. The baffling part to the equation is that the…

Drone Topographic Mapping Fills the Efficiency Gap

Does your project success depend on accurate ground characteristics? Professional engineering quality topographic maps reduce risk and uncertainty by accurately depicting slopes, undulations, water flow and hazards necessary to design and planning. Drones supplement ground crews and replace manned aircraft, reducing time and cutting costs of producing topographic maps.

Energy Audits and Building Inspections Using Drones

Do you wonder why your heating and air conditioning bills are high? Our energy audits use infrared thermal imaging from a drone to provide facility owners with accurate, actionable information to correct energy loss, imbalances, and inefficiencies. Do you worry about the condition of your roof after storms? We can provide additional roof condition data…

Drone Surveys for 3D Flood Simulations

Our drone surveying and mapping services provide hydrologists, engineers and others with accurate digital data for flood stage calculations and 3D visualizations, reducing the risk of design errors, lowering project costs and improving safety: High-flow simulations: 3D digital data is used for high-flow simulations to plan for 100, 300, and 500 year floods. 3D visualization of…

Verify 100% of Construction in Fraction of the Time and in 3D

See how this manufacturing plant owner found out exactly where and how much their final construction differed from their design plan. Advances in 3D scanning technology and data analysis software have set a new standard in intelligence for facility owners, architects, engineers and contractors. We can now detect, measure and display 100% of the variances between design…

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