3D Mine Mapping from Surface to Subsurface

Watch our new video of 3D mine scanning, starting with an aerial view of the headframe, down the 1,700 foot vertical shaft and through 3 miles of underground workings. The result is a complete georeferenced data set for a digital twin of the entire surface and subsurface mining operations.

Ultimate Reality Capture Tool

3D scanning is the ultimate reality capture tool to provide a precise, measurable digital twin of underground mines, buildings, infrastructure, fixed equipment, mobile assets and topography. Our survey grade 3D scans are used for:

  • Project planning visualizations and subcentimeter measurements
  • Complex computer generated structural health assessments
  • Engineering modifications and upgrades
  • Clash detection
  • Logistics assessments

Safety First

We survey from safe distances to keep clear of hazards.

Darling Geomatics has decades of experience in mine surveying.

Darling Geomatics has decades of experience in mine surveying. Our team of 3D scanning and modeling experts and registered land surveyors is recognized worldwide for our accurate, repeatable and georeferenced measurements in underground mining operations.

Billions of Data Points in a Matter of Hours

Depending on facility size, field work can take as little as a day, saving time and money. As an example, 7 miles of scanning at one mine took approximately 2 weeks of underground data collection time.

Flexible Data Formats

Our mining clients receive a 3D model of the asset to incorporate into their design software. A wide variety of formats are available including AutoCAD, flythroughs and jpgs.

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