3D Scanning of Underground Infrastructure

Start Your Project with Accuracy

3D scanning is the ultimate reality capture tool to provide a precise digital twin of service tunnels, underground utility corridors, shafts, and other subsurface infrastructure. Our precise georeferenced engineering-grade 3D scans, including true color imaging options, are used by facility managers, operations managers, geologists and engineers for:

  • Mapping
  • Planning
  • Clash detection
  • Change detection
  • Safety inspections

On Time, On Budget and On Spec

We are leaders in  underground infrastructure scanning and mapping and an essential partner in advancing engineering grade, georeferenced digital data since 2003. With more than 50,000 hours of LiDAR expertise, we specialize in planning the best approach, using the right technology, providing accurate 3D scans, and delivering the data in the format you require for your project. Our methods are non-invasive and don’t put your people at risk. Our teams are certified in underground and confined space worker safety.

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