Slope Performance Monitoring, Professional Development Course, UA GCE

Slope Performance Monitoring, Professional Development Course, UA GCE

November 2022 — April 2023
Online and in person
University of Arizona Geotechnical Center of Excellence (UA GCE)
Tucson, Arizona

Course in progress! Mary Darling of Darling Geomatics joins the Geotechnical Center of Excellence with other leading professionals in slope monitoring to present on this brand new Slope Performance Monitoring course! This course is based on the “Large Open Pit Guidelines” book, and adds additional and updated material for slope performance monitoring, system design, and data analysis. This course also includes case studies of slope monitoring challenges and solutions in open pit mines. Perfect for engineers, geologists and other mining professionals, including geotechnical consultants and anyone looking to strengthen their understanding of slope monitoring.

This 21-week course is offered both in-person and online. Registration required.

For more information, visit the websitereview the course flyer or contact the Geotechnical Center of Excellence:

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