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Mineral Sensing Technology Live Demo Day

Join Darling Geomatics, Norsk Electro Optikk (NEO), University of Arizona Mining & Geological Engineering, and Excelsior Mining – Johnson Mine for a live demonstration of state-of-the art technology in hyperspectral imaging, UAVs, and processing used for enhanced, cost-effective mineral detection, identification, and mapping.

The live field demo of data collection is in the morning followed by presentations and a panel discussion of data collection, processing, analysis, results, and mineral mapping in the afternoon. A brown bag lunch will be provided.

You can sign up for the morning session, afternoon session, or both. There is no cost to attend.

LiDAR Explained

After much waiting, LiDAR’s day has finally come, and we have an array of software platforms powerful enough to handle the huge amounts of data generated by LiDAR scans.

How Are Drones Used in Surveying?

Drones collect raw data, giving drone surveyors the opportunity to work with an unimaginable volume of images and measurements that can then be downloaded and used.

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