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Jim Richards Joins Darling Geomatics to Lead Survey Division

Darling Geomatics is pleased to welcome Jim Richards as Vice President of Survey. Jim brings more than 25 years of survey experience and leadership to the team. After service in the US Army, Jim started his career in surveying. His surveying skills, competence, and organization led him into roles with increasing responsibility from field operations…

UAV Photogrammetry: Precision Surveying, Mapping, and 3D Modeling

UAV photogrammetry uses the principles of triangulation to turn 2D photographic images taken by a pilotless aircraft into precise, 3D representations, such as maps and models.

Drone Surveys in Arizona and Beyond Provide Invaluable Data

In Arizona and throughout the United States, drone surveys provide revolutionary applications for planning, mapping, monitoring, and imaging on a limitless variety of projects. Considering the relatively recent advent of drone technology, the advances in their capabilities are remarkable. Only since…

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