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Making Airlines Safer Through Innovation

Whenever we have the privilege of working with a company that saves lives, we get excited. In the case of airline safety – we have had the opportunity to be part of a team that designs and installs baffling systems inside the fuel tanks of airlines. The baffling part to the equation is that the…

Drone Topographic Mapping Fills the Efficiency Gap

Environmental Consulting Does your project success depend on accurate ground characteristics? Professional engineering quality topographic maps reduce risk and uncertainty by accurately depicting slopes, undulations, water flow and hazards necessary to design and planning. Drones supplement ground crews and replace manned aircraft, reducing time and cutting costs of producing topographic maps. Benefits of professional drone topographic…

Energy Audits and Building Inspections Using Drones

  Do you wonder why your heating and air conditioning bills are high? Our energy audits use infrared thermal imaging from a drone to provide facility owners with accurate, actionable information to correct energy loss, imbalances, and inefficiencies. Do you worry about the condition of your roof after storms? We can provide additional roof condition…

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