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Unlocking the Potential of Digital Twins: How They Revolutionize Industries

Digital Twins have been around for a little over two decades, but today’s digital twins can employ AI and machine learning, setting them apart from earlier virtual modeling capabilities. They are complex virtual representations built from multiple data sources such as processes, people, devices, and mechanical systems. Digital twins represent not just one process but an entire organization.

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Hydrometallurgy 2023

Visit us at Hydrometallurgy 2023 to talk to our surveying experts about high-tech geospatial solutions we offer to underground and surface mines around the world. We deliver accurate, repeatable and measurable data in less time without putting your personnel at risk.

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Future Trends and Challenges in 3D Laser Scanning and Modeling

3D mapping and modeling, which are accomplished using point clouds of data collected by laser scanner, have come very far very fast. Anyone around in the infancy of laser scanning can recall how large, heavy, and slow the equipment was. Once the technology became more efficient, affordable and widely available, however, there seemed to be no limit to its uses.

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