3D Scanning in Phoenix

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Our Reputation Matters

When you need 3D scanning in Phoenix, the first name you should think of is Darling Geomatics,.  As a woman-owned company we have served the southwest for more than two decades and become a local business leader, partnering with PimajTED to train UAV pilots in the industry, participating in conferences, promoting STEM education for young women, and sponsoring events.

We employ the latest high tech equipment and have accrued 10,000 hours of LiDAR experience since 2002, earning a solid reputation, both in Arizona and across the United States.  Our expertise in the field allows us to offer our clients a solution-oriented, innovative approach to any job.

Harness the Ultimate Reality Capture Tool

Darling Geomatics stays on the cutting edge of technology and can produce an accurate digital twin of any physical object. Engineers, architects, facility managers, BIM managers and community planners use our digital maps and models for:

  • Construction Verification
  • Project Planning
  • Change detection and monitoring
  • Smart building management
  • IoT innovation planning
  • Smart city planning

Accurate, Fast, and Safe 3D Scanning in Phoenix

High tech drones revolutionized the industry, allowing us to produce detailed 2D and 3D digital maps and models with speed and accuracy.  Our clients enjoy cost savings and avoid project delays.  In addition, 3D laser scanning allows us to operate at safe distances from potential hazards.  This protects our pilots from danger and eliminates work or traffic stoppage on job sites and roads, bridges, or railways.

Rely on our expertise

With more than 10,000 hours of 3D LiDAR scanning expertise since 2002, we specialize in planning the best approach, using the right technology, providing accurate 3D scans and delivering the data in the format you require for your project. Our methods are non-invasive and don’t put your people at risk.

Deliverables in any format

Our experts can deliver data in any CAD, non-CAD, 2D and/or 3D format you require:

  • Point clouds
  • 3D CAD
  • Revit
  • 2D CAD
  • 3D solid
  • Flythroughs

Seen enough? Let's get started.

Increase your accuracy. Increase safety. Save money. 3D is a game changer.