Mining Claim Staking and Filing Experts Since 1996

Experts in Mining Claim Staking and Filing

Darling Geomatics has decades of experience in Mining Claim Staking and Filing, specialized equipment including off-road vehicles, survey-grade GPS, and trained field crews for staking and recording mining claims at county and BLM offices. We have successfully staked and filed tens of thousands of mining claims in 11 western states and can apply our experience to your project.

You can trust our expertise in:

  • Researching land and mineral status
  • Staking mining claims
  • Recording mining claims at the correct county and BLM offices
  • Surveying land bounderies

Detailed Documentation That Meets Legal Requirements

Our team of professional, registered surveyors has decades of mining claim staking and recording experience. We specialize in planning the best approach and using the right technology to accurately map and describe all legal parameters to meet county and federal statutes and regulations.

We provide:

  • Drafting of claim notices and claim maps
  • Placement of claim stakes and claim papers on the ground
  • Recording of claim papers

Sub-centimeter Survey-grade Accuracy

Our experts select the best technology for your project. Survey-grade ground control delivers sub-centimeter accuracy.

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